Design Council warns designers about increasing overseas competition…

2 10 2007

The UK design industry is facing more intense competition than ever according to new research from the Design Council published today.

“UK Design: Buying and Selling for a Global Industry” was research carried out among almost 300 designers facing international competition.

Eight out of ten designers surveyed say they are up against overseas competition for UK business, the findings show. More than half (56 per cent) say the main competition for the work is from Asia, with digital and multimedia designers singling out India (52 per cent), and product and industrial designers (42 per cent) being mainly concerned with China.

A narrowing gap in quality between home-grown and overseas design is one reason mentioned for design buyers looking abroad, as clients become less willing to pay premium prices for UK design. Growth in the number of Design Graduates from Asia is likely to increase competition further in the next 10 years.

The survey also shows that there is still a strong performance for the UK industry, that more than six out of ten designers have changed their services in response to the international competition, and that, as well as the competition, the overseas market has also led to increased opportunity for designers.

For the full research survey see:

Do you buy design? if so let us know if you intend to look abroad for future suppliers?




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