Body, Brain and Business… 27th February 2008

28 01 2008


How often do you stop and think how the body and brain work together in a business context?  Not many of us ever do!  However,  we can reach higher levels of human potential by learning to use the greater “intelligence” offered by our bodies and brains acting in unison. Thinking, learning, collaboration and creativity are all enhanced by getting bodies and brains to work in harmony to support continuous, complex learning and high-level performance, without stress and burn-out.  A forthcoming conference on this subject will bring together some of the most informed and exciting thinkers from business, science and the contemplative arts.  The conference will take place on 27th February 2008, at the beautiful, eco-friendly and inspiring Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre in Lambourn, Berkshire.  It is designed for independent thinkers who want to lead with wisdom and clarity, entrepreneurs and managers who want to grow their potential, and thoose who want to step up creativity and change.  Visit the conference website for more details:







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