Get Creative – knock a zero off your budget!

7 02 2008

Jaime Lerner

With maverick flair and a strategist’s disdain for accepted wisdom, globally renowned architect Jaime Lerner re-invented urban space in his native Curitaba, Brazil.  Along the way he managed to revolutionize bus transit, awaken green consciousness in a populace accustomed to litter and blight, and change the way city planners and bureaucrats world-wide conceive what’s possible within the tangled structure of the metropolitan landscape.

In his quest to revolutionize city design he constantly battled with city officials who said they couldn’t improve their cities because of budget constraints.  With elegant simplicity he suggested they think creatively about how improvements could be made that didn’t cost the earth, or get bogged down in red tape and planning.  He summarizes this philosophy by encouraging them to ” knock a zero off your budget – that forces you to think creatively”.  He goes on to suggest that knocking two zero’s off the budget makes you very creative!!  Try it some time with your design team…

In the meanwhile to see and hear Jaime speak about this I suggest you watch the following short video clip:

Jaime Lerner sings of the city | Video on

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