On-line Video : The marketing tool for 2009

13 02 2009


You may have noticed that more and more leading brands are using on-line video as a key marketing communication tool as broadband speeds get faster, WiFi ever more accessible, and with everyone having a PDA or phone with fast internet capabilities.

This isn’t suprising.  Video has many advantages as a communication tool.  Messages can be conveyed quickly and in an entertaining way.  Everyone watches TV and increasingly that is delivered via the web.  In a recent survey I noticed that Generation Y consumers watch more TV delivered on-line than via terrestrial/satellite/cable television. They also spend increasing amounts of time on-line using sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc. On-line video meshes neatly with social media as it can be delivered via complimentary platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, or iTunes.

I also read a really great blog about this subject by renowned social media guru Scott Monty, you can read this too if you click on this link:


This trend is also evident from the increasing amount of enquiries I am receiving from customers who are starting to understand the powerful capabilities of marketing via social media. This is something Cultivar can help clients with via our video and website production partners. Contact me if you would like to learn how we can help you to do this.

James Rock

email: james.rock@cultivar.co.uk




One response

23 02 2009
Rob Parker

Whats spoils it is when companies try to force viral rather than letting it take its own path and becomming sucessful. You cant force catch-phrases and legendry marketing, if its good it catches on. Beenz Meanz Heinz 🙂

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