Avoiding Mediocrity – An Exemplar of Sustainability…

23 03 2009

Do you ever wonder if those reports you hear about a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability programmes are for real? or, like me, do you often think they are mere “Greenwash” i.e. all words and no action – talking it up, but not walking the talk? As a consultant working in the field I have come across more than one company who says all the right things but fails to put them into practice.

So I was really enthused last week when I came across a company that seems to really be putting its weight behind the development and implelentation of sustainable practices.  Adnams of Southwold are part of the historical fabric of this up-market seaside town in Suffolk.  After sampling some of their wonderful range of beers in local pubs, I came across the Sole Bay Brewery in the heart of town, then their fantastic new  flagship Cellar & Kitchen retail outlet, and then a magnificent new 40,000 square metre distribution centre on the outskirts of town, which boasts the largest green roof in the UK. Later that weekend I sampled really good food and wine at The Crown Hotel – owned by Adnams along with another major hotel in town. Everything that I observed about Adnams further convinced me that this is a company that gets really close to its customers, and lives and breathes sustainable working practices for the benefit of all stakeholders.  After seeing so much mediocrity in business it was truly refreshing – just like a pint of their Broadside beer!


As you can see from my comments, I am enthused by Adnams the beer and Adnams the company, and I will be using them as an example of best practice in my consutling work in future… I’d like to suggest thet you check them out when you get the chance.




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10 04 2009
Natalie Adcock

It’s nice to see a company being true to it’s customers, instead of manipulating them. Last week the government was even urged to tackle greenwash http://www.birminghamrecycled.co.uk/conservation/government-needs-to-tackle-greenwash-claims to make what companies say more trustworthy. I shall certaily be remembering the name Adnams.

10 08 2010
Inspired Thinking with Adnams CEO Andy Wood « The Big Business Issue…

[…] Avoiding Mediocrity – An exemplar of sustainability Photo Copyright Jason Dye – http://www.jasondye.com […]

3 09 2010
Inspired Thinking with Adnams CEO Andy Wood | VividLife.me

[…] Avoiding Mediocrity – An exemplar of sustainability […]

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