Inspired Thinking

29 03 2010

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If design schools are being hailed as the new business schools then perhaps we should be taking our inspiration from great designers instead of business gurus.

I was given a fantastic book for my recent birthday – its called DESIGN NOW! and is published by that great publisher of art books Taschen. I recommend it strongly…


The book contains short biographies of todays top contemporary designers – global leaders in the field of cutting edge design, and covers some of their very best work.  Reading it is an inspiration, and some quotes from the top designers are worth reference – so here are my top 10 quotes that I think will inspire your Design Thinking :-

1. Werner Aisslinger – “design is creating the life of tomorrow – for me the most exciting profession”

2. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec – “our work frequently starts with an encounter”

3. Continuum – “we believe that design creates a relationship – the point of contact is an experience”

4. Stefan Diez – “one part of our job is making decisions between options – finding out what these are is the other part”

5. Tom Dixon – “I like to try to approach each project as a naive outsider… I work better when I am not encumbered by preconceptions”

6. James Dyson – “good design is about making something better than anything else that has gone before it”

7. Danny Venlet – “design is more than form and function, its a way of life”

8. Jonathan Ive – “we try to design and develop simple solutions for extremely complex problems”

9. Suntae Kim – “things communicate with us. I listen to, observe, and rearrange them”

10. Karim Rashid – “design is no longer a word or profession, it is a philosophy – a doctrine – a way of living – a modus operandi – a way of being – and will one day be seamless with existence”

I suggest you refer to these quotations as a source of inspiration when you are re-thinking about your business, its purpose, and how you can get more from it – in other words – think laterally…

For more information about The Art of Business Design, Authenticity, and Design Thinking contact me: CULTIVAR Consulting




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