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11 04 2010

Two years ago I wrote the following blog post: –

“Are your Employees like Battery Hens?”

The theme of this post was about the issue of workplace design and how it relates to happiness and motivation of your employees. I argued that I find only too often that workplace design is poor and uninspiring, leading to both poor motivation and poor levels of creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Later, in September 2008 I wrote the following blog post: –

“Business 2.0 – Delighting customers, shareholders and employees simultaneously”

The theme of this post was about embracing Business 2.0 to think again about how we organise our businesses, embrace technology to support home-working practices, and resulting in happier employees, greater productivity and innovation, and better profits and improved shareholder value.

Now I would like to link these two earlier posts to my recent thoughts on Design Thinking…

The office above is at leading design agency IDEO in San Francisco. Notice that it isn’t rows of cubicles, or bland desks, with poor lighting and ventilation.  This space is COOL.  Its designed as a social and collaborative space where groups or teams of various sizes can get together.  People can go away and work on things alone, but now when they get together they want something more than a 10×10 meeting room with a square table and four chairs. This type of environment not only supports creativity and innovation – it stimulates it!

Is your workspace like this? If not here is a link to a website where you can see 10 seriously cool designs for an office – perhaps this will inspire you :

“10 seeeeeriously cool workplaces”

So if you are seeerious about Design Thinking as a way of re-inventing your business, then why not engage a leading architect and interior designer to help? think of it differently – is it possibly something you thought was previously too expensive? but now maybe you should consider it as an investment?

Contact me for more information about how we can help bring design thinking, creativity and innovation to your business via our network of associates.

James Rock – MD & Chief Business Designer

CULTIVAR Consulting




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11 04 2010

There is no doubt that workplace design is crucial for employees to deliver the needs of the organization through their work, community building, networking, dialogues etc.

Unfortunately, most organizations don’t pay heed to ‘workplace design’. Either they lack imagination or they are not sure as to what they want from their employees. In addition to this most leaders and managers behave like ‘time keepers’ and ‘slave drivers’ and treat human beings like robots or machines.

To design a great workplace I think that the employer must first develop TRUST and RESPECT for the employees. Most employers feel that ‘Trust is good but control is better.’

Surely with such obsolete mindset we won’t get to see great ‘workplaces’.

17 08 2010
Designing Stimulating Physical Workplaces « Design Changes

[…] a look at the renowned IDEO office pictured and described in this blog post. This is a great example of an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable physical space that offers the […]

1 11 2011
Roxanne McCann

Hi James,

After having followed your blog for a while, I’d like to point you to another article would align well with your blog’s subject matter.

We recently published this post that your readers may be interested –

“10 Big Businesses With Incredibly Casual Offices” -

I thought perhaps you’d be interested in sharing this article with your readers?

Thanks, and keep up great blogging!

Roxanne McAnn

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